Al Nassma Chocolate Review

NOTE: This is a US review only and features the two products (chocolate bars and hollow camel) that are currently sold in the US. If you are outside the US or ordering online, please read labels. There is one item – a praline gift box – that lists “wheat flour” in its ingredients (the company is working on changing this, but I of course do not recommend this product). The company has assured me, however, that the bars and hallow camel are gluten free and are made in a dedicated facility. 

I often find that commercial US chocolate tastes chalky and are filled with extra unnecessary ingredients. There is a junk-food-quality that I can’t shake. So when I need a really special indulgence, I often look towards chocolates made in foreign countries.


Al Nassma’s camel milk chocolates (yes, you read that correctly – camel milk!) are naturally gluten free and are made in a dedicated gluten free facility in Dubai. Aiming to create a high end, quality chocolate, Al Nassma does not make cheap substitutions to lower costs. Their base recipe is camel milk powder, cocoa mass/butter, sugar from Germany, acacia honey from Austria, and Bourbon vanilla. That’s it! Pure, simple and delicious.

Camel Milk Chocolate Bars include:

  • Whole Milk (the hallow chocolate camel is made out of this, too)
  • Spices Arabia
  • Dates
  • Macadamia Nut and Orange Zest
  • 70% Cocoa

I absolutely love the regular whole milk chocolate. The other flavors are highly complementary – distinguishable but not overpowering. Silky, creamy, gentle, luxurious – everything that I could want from the perfect chocolate bar. This chocolate is so tasty and pure that I’ll eat a whole bar far too quickly and end up wanting more. I guess the only downside to these chocolates is that Al Nassma will take all of my grocery money!


I’m putting Al Nassma on my list of top three favorite chocolate companies ever (coming from a chocoholic like me, you know that’s saying something!). I highly recommend these chocolates as a gift. With their stunning presentation, they are perfect for any special occasion.

You can find Al Nassma bars and chocolate camels in New York at 2Beans and the Metropolitan Museum when the “Jerusalem” exhibition starts in mid-September. In California they are available at Oasis Camel Dairy (Ramona, CA) and at Chocolate Covered San Francisco.

For more information visit:

An extra bonus for my readers – if you are ever in Dubai, feel free to reach out to Al Nassma, mention Tasty Meditation, and they will gladly offer you a tour of their chocolate factory!


Disclaimer: I received samples of these products, but I was not paid to write this review. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that I, myself, use and love.

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