Holiday Giveaway #4 – No Gluten, No Problem Pizza Cookbook

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. I received a complimentary copy of the No Gluten, No Problem Pizza cookbook. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend items I truly love.

When Kris and I were in Italy we fell in love with the Neapolitan style pizza at Mama Eat. The dough was totally different than anything we had tried in the United States (gluten free or otherwise), and we’ve been planning our return trip to Rome with that amazing pizza in mind. However, we now feel like we have a little piece of Italy at home thanks to the No Gluten, No Problem Pizza cookbook.

Kelli and Peter Bronski have created 75+ gluten free pizza recipes featuring every style of pizza you could imagine – Naples, Roman, Sicilian, Chicago deep dish, New York, and more. The book itself is beautiful. I love turning page after page imagining how each of these stunning dishes would taste. The directions themselves are extremely easy to follow.

I invited one of my best friends over for a No Gluten, No Problem pizza party. Her family is Sicilian, so who better to give honest feedback on the Sicilian pizza? There’s quite the time commitment for this recipe (the dough needs to rise and the crust pre-bakes for a while), but it’s worth it. The thick, puffy crust was wonderful. “OMG, dude this is amazing!” was my friend’s reaction after the first bite. Kris joined us (lucky for him the pizza was huge and we saved him two slices), and he had similar feelings. We’re already planning on making this pizza again for our upcoming holiday party.

The recipe that I was the most excited for was of course the Neapolitan pizza. I decided that baking steel and a pizza peel would be an early holiday gift to myself, and I am so very happy about this decision! At first I was intimidated by the idea of heating my oven on a high temperature for a long period of time, and I was sure I would mess up the quick motions of the pizza peel and there would be pizza pieces everywhere. However, No Gluten, No Problem’s cookbook along with their YouTube video tutorials made everything so easy! And the results were incredible. I’m still working on getting the crust puffier, but this is the best pizza I have ever eaten in the US and it’s definitely very similar to the pizza we had in Italy. Light, fluffy, amazing texture, super flavorful – Kris and I can’t get enough. Pizza every day is totally okay, right?

The Sicilian pizza and a few other recipes only require a simple baking sheet and digital kitchen scale (measuring gluten free flour in grams is infinitely more accurate and efficient than measuring in cups, teaspoons, etc). I also highly recommend a food thermometer (warm water needs to be added to yeast/sugar, and if the water is too hot or too cold the yeast will not rise well). The majority of the recipes utilize a baking steel and pizza peel. I highly recommend the investment.

Fun fact – I posted a few pictures of my pizza creations over the past two weeks and several of my followers guessed which cookbook I had and messaged me with pictures of their own No Gluten, No Problem pizzas! This book is clearly winning over the hearts of the gluten free community. It’s certainly won over mine, and I’m sure it will be a staple in my kitchen for many years to come.

No Gluten, No Problem Pizza can be purchased on Amazon (hard cover and kindle edition), Barns & Noble and several other retail stores.

GIVEAWAY! One lucky person will win a hardcover copy of the No Gluten No Problem Pizza cookbook! This giveaway is being held on Instagram, so visit my page to enter! US only. Giveaway ends Sunday December 29th 11:59pm EST.

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