Call to Action: Support Small GF Businesses

The COVID-19 crisis began in NYC over four months ago. It has hit the entire world hard, and it’s proving to be a continuously challenging time for all. This post is about one thing – small gluten free businesses need our help.

The statistics on how many restaurants will make it through the crisis is crushing. And what will happen to the gluten free restaurant scene? Compared to the entire restaurant industry, there are so few safe gluten free restaurants, and we are in danger of loosing them. NYC has already lost several widely-loved gluten free restaurants that have been around for years (in some cases – decades), and it’s heartbreaking.

So it’s up to us. If there’s one thing I know about the celiac disease/gluten free community – we are loyal, and when someone supports us, we want to support them.

I’m asking my friends in the celiac/gluten free community to join me in sending out a little extra love this week. But for those sheltering in place or without safe GF options in their neighborhood, it can be difficult to find ways to support the restaurants you love. Here are some easy things you can do:

1. Post on social media – Give a shout-out to your favorite eateries!

2. Like/comment on/share their posts – Social media algorithms are tricky, but liking and commenting on posts from your favorite restaurants/bakeries will hopefully give them a boost and help more people see their content. Sharing posts also helps exposure.

3. Buy – If you are able to financially support your favorite restaurants and bakeries, please do. BE SAFE. If you cannot safety visit a restaurant/bakery consider the many eateries that are offering takeout, delivery, or nation-wide shipping.

Click here to see my post about local NYC bakeries I’ve been ordering from throughout the crisis (featuring Krumville Bake Shop, Senza Gluten Cafe & Bakery, Everybody Eats, and Modern Bread & Bagel – all of which ship across the US).

These little things can make a big difference for our community. Let’s work together to help support the small businesses we love, so they’ll be there for us when the crisis is over.

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