Happy Celiac Awareness Month 2018!

It’s that time of year! First off, I want to thank everyone in the community for being amazing and supportive. Your voice matters to so many people. 

Our community has made many strides over the past year, yet there is still a whole lot of terrible information out there. Between people thinking that wheat-based sourdough is safe for celiacs (it’s NOT), to more TV shows and commercials making fun of people with celiac/food allergies, to GF facebook groups banning scientific information – it’s been kind of a mess. Every bit of advocacy matters, and the community needs your help. 

As I did last year, I’m inviting you to do one thing each week this May to help increase awareness or correct false information. For example, upon remembering I have celiac disease, my dentist asserted that baked goods without gluten are terrible. (First off – what??? Why would anyone think that’s a nice thing to say to someone with celiac???)  I politely explained that’s not true and told him I’d bring him a homemade cookie next time that would change his mind. 

More things you can do:

– Chat with staff members at a restaurant that offers contaminated “gluten free” food, explaining why that’s harmful 
– Explain to your family/friends why TV shows making fun of celiac/food allergies/the gluten free diet is not nice
– Share your struggles, success, and advice with others in a support group
– Start your own support group!
– Explain to the grocery store manager that organic wheat bread should not be shelved in the gluten free section
– For parents of young children – offer to chat with your child’s class about celiac disease
-Bring great gluten free food to a party and surprise everyone after they’ve eaten!

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you’re doing this month (or all year) to raise awareness!

I’ve been busy and stressed about a new diagnosis related to celiac, so this month you can expect a post about that journey as well as a handful of giveaways. Gotta support the companies that do it right and are here for the community! Also, be sure to check out the Hot Topics section of my website for articles written by me. “Positive Quotes for Kids with Celiac” is guaranteed to give you a smile. A few blog links below. 

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