Does My Lipstick Need To Be Gluten Free? + Red Apple Lipstick Giveaway

“I have Celiac Disease. Does my lipstick need to be gluten free?”

I get this question a lot. The answer is YES. Think about it – you put on lipstick before dinner. You eat dinner and find that your lipstick has faded away completely. Where did it go? It certainly hasn’t vanished into thin air. You ate it along with your gluten free ravioli. 

Not all lipstick is gluten free, and it’s hard to get a straight answer out of many companies. You’ll probably often hear, “No our products are not gluten free,” or “We cannot guarantee anything because we have so many suppliers.” All the more reason to go with a trusted company. 

My favorite – Red Apple Lipstick. 

I have been using Red Apple Lipstick exclusively for years. I simply love their products. They offer a wide variety of colors to suit every skin tone and even have a handy new shopping guide where you can choose a model with a complexion similar to yours and get a handful of recommendations that would fit you perfectly. 


Fast facts – Red Apple Lipstick is:

  • Gluten free
  • Contains no GMO’s 
  • Preservative free
  • Toxin & chemical free
  • Petroleum free
  • Lead & talc free
  • Vegan
  • Made in the USA

Vogue is my absolute favorite lipstick color, but I recently got to play around with some fun new looks:


Top left – Mauve Me. Top right – Barely Pink Lip Liner + Vogue Lipstick.

Bottom left- Vogue. Bottom Right – Wine & Dandy

For more information and to order visit Red Apple Lipstick’s website.  (affiliate link)

GIVEAWAY – One winner will receive a $50 store credit to Red Apple Lipstick! Head over to my Instagram to enter!


Disclaimer: I received samples of these products, but I was not paid to write this review. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that I, myself, use and love. This post includes an affiliate link. As an affiliate I get a small kickback if you make a purchase. This comes at no extra cost to you, and it helps me fund this website. 

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