Celiac Awareness Month with Tasty Meditation

Happy Celiac Awareness Month! 

Our community has made huge strides over the past few years to help increase awareness. However, as far as we’ve come we have a long way to go, as show in these terrifying photos:


So in honor of the month, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite “hot topic” posts:

Some other great resources for you:

  • Gluten Free Watchdog – Tricia posts a lot of amazing information on facebook about product testing, but I highly recommend becoming a subscriber of GFW – It’s only $5/month, and you support one of our most incredible advocates who is dedicated to making sure the products that are being marketed to the Celiac community are truly safe. Get access to hundreds of product reports – you receive about $2,000 worth of new testing data each month. 
  • Gluten Free Drugs A website maintained by a clinical pharmacist who receives no compensation for providing information on gluten in medication. 
  • NYC Celiac Disease Meetup Group – If you are in the NYC area or plan on visiting please join our group! We have wonderful gatherings at restaurants/bakeries that are dedicated to the Celiac community. While we eat delicious food and drink cocktails and wine, we chat about everything in the Celiac/gluten free world. We are the largest gluten free Meetup Group in the world, and there is no cost to be a member. 
  • Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be reposting a ton of great articles from other sources. 

While this month is all about increasing awareness, I also believe that it is important to support the businesses that support us. If we don’t support the businesses that are making high quality products that are safe for the Celiac community, then we will probably be left with big name brands that have a lot of money but don’t have a real interest in the Celiac community beyond dollar signs. Remember – we as consumers propel the market forward with our dollars. What do you want the gluten free market to look like in twenty years? I want these small businesses that are doing things right to grow so that we will have more products like theirs in the future. This month I will be featuring some of my favorite small businesses that are here for the Celiac community – get ready for some giveaways. 

And now, my challenge to you – every week take one step towards increasing awareness. That may include:

  • Chatting with staff members at a restaurant that offers contaminated “gluten free” food
  • Sticking up for yourself and your needs at family gatherings
  • Sharing your struggles, success, and advice with others in a support group
  • Starting your own support group!
  • Having a conversation with someone at the grocery store check out 
  • For parents of young children – offering to chat with your child’s class about Celiac Disease 
  • Bringing great gluten free foods to a party and striking up a conversation with another guest. 

What will you do for Celiac Awareness Month? I want to hear from YOU! Leave a comment below. 

And as always, I am here if you have an questions or have an experience that you’d like to share/explore. Feel free to give me a shout at TastyMeditation@yahoo.com

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