“The Warm Kitchen” Cookbook Review

I love the online Celiac Disease/gluten free community, but you know what I love more? – meeting my online buddies in person. I was so happy to hang out with Chef Amy Fothergill (also known as TheFamilyChef on social media) at the GFAF Expo over the past two years. With over 25 years of cooking/restaurant experience under her belt, it’s great fun to chat with Amy about gluten free food and Italian cooking techniques.


Amy’s cookbook, “The Warm Kitchen” is gorgeous. Filled with pictures of delicious-looking food and her family enjoying the recipes, it is evident that all of her recipes come from a loving, nurturing place. Muffins, cookies, bagels, cupcakes, chicken pot pie, bread, meatloaf, gravies, sauces, even a full holiday menu – this book is flowing with homey classics that are easy to make and wonderful to eat.

What I love about the book:

  • It is filled with hundreds of gorgeous pictures that Amy and her family took themselves.
  • There are helpful “Chef Tips” all along the way.
  • Directions are easy to follow.
  • Informative pages about different types of gluten free flour and other ingredients.
  • She offers dairy, egg and sugar substitution options.
  • Great tips to make sure your gluten free pasta turns out perfect every time.
  • Tips to make sure that your gluten free ingredients truly are gluten free.
  • Classic dishes.
  • Wonderful for families and even children.
  • Even though you’re cooking nearly everything from scratch, the recipes are easy to follow and are not intimidating. Anyone can do it.


I made these beautiful blueberry muffins from the breakfast section. Very simple and classic, yet she offers options for other variations (I’ll be trying lemon-blueberry next!). Amy has a specific flour blend that you mix yourself and can keep on hand for all of her baking recipes. Super simple and easy – and then you can brag to all of your friends about how you made muffins from scratch!

For more information about Amy Fothergill and to order her book visit www.amythefamilychef.com

Disclaimer: I was gifted a copy of The Warm Kitchen, but I was not asked nor paid to write this review. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that I personally love and use.

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