The Teal Pumpkin Project

It’s fall! And you know what that means – pumpkin everything, apple picking, chai lattes, and Halloween!

I was lucky enough to live a childhood without food intolerances (my Celiac symptoms began in my late teens), so trick-or-treating was always a sweet experience for me that resulted in many cavities and sugar highs (I know where you hid the Halloween candy, Mom!). As I am now on the other side of the door giving out candy, I have a extra swell of empathy for the ballerinas and wizards who come to my door and boldly ask, “Do you have any candy without peanuts?” “How about soy?” “Oh, I LOVE these! They’re gluten free!” But if there isn’t candy that caters to their specific food intolerances, they walk away empty handed.

That is why I love the Teal Pumpkin Project. It is a movement to support these wonderful children who must carefully weed through their Halloween treats. What you do: Buy some non-food goodies to give to your trick-or-treaters. Either paint a pumpkin teal or (if you’re paint-inept like me) draw a teal pumpkin and tape it to your door with a sign that says “Non-food treats available”. (I’m also pretty crayon-inept – please look past my mediocre sign making skills and see the lovely message)


Why am I talking about this in September? Because it is important to get the word out before October 31st. You don’t want to be the only allergen-friendly door on the block, so take a moment to chat with your friends, neighbors, folks in the laundry room – anyone. The more teal pumpkins there are, the more these wonderful kids can enjoy their evening and not feel like they are missing out.

Last year I gave away swirly straws. Kristopher proclaimed, “Oh no, you’re going to be that lady that gives out straws instead of candy?? They’re going to egg door!” I showed him – I left a bag of chocolate and a bag of swirly straws in front of my door (I was working that night), and when I came home, half of the chocolate was left but all of the swirly straws were gone! I’m officially the cool swirly straw lady.


Oriental Trading has a ton of great Halloween mini toy options, and this year they are providing me with some fun trick-or-treat supplies – spooky finger puppets! Again, I plan on being the coolest lady on the block. Find more of their fun Halloween items here.

Let’s spread the word and help these kids have the best Halloween ever!


Disclaimer: I received samples of these products, but I was not paid to write this. All opinions are my own.


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