Vitabella Review – Gluten Free Cereal from Italy

Do you ever wish you could live in Italy? That wonderful Celiac-friendly country seems like a haven with their gluten free options, government assistance, and nurturing attitude towards the Celiac community. If I can’t live there, can’t I at least have a gluten free meal that is Italy-worthy?

img_3352Well, you might not be able to go to Italy for breakfast tomorrow morning, but Italy can come to you. Vitabella organic and gluten free cereals are made in a dedicated gluten free facility in Italy. Their cereals are tested to less than 10 ppm and are certified gluten free by not one, but numerous associations. Most cereals are a mix of corn flour, rice flour and other very simple ingredients. I am LOVING this company and here’s why.

What you can expect from Vitabella:



  • Chocolate Pillows
  • Strawberry Pillows
  • Corn Flakes
  • Multigrain Flakes
  • Choco Crispies

I normally am not a big cereal eater, but I absolutely loved munching on the Chocolate Pillows as a snack. No milk for me, thanks! I want that crunch. Slightly sweet with just the right amount of chocolate. This is definitely one of my top favorite cereals on the market today. The Strawberry pillows are also a lovely choice if you don’t like chocolate in the mornings (if so, who are you?? #chocolateforbreakfast). The Choco Crispies are a great child-friendly alternative to junky American cereals. In the Vitabella version there are only four ingredients – rice, sugar, cocoa powder and salt. Love it.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new cereal company that is truly dedicated to the gluten free community, turn to Italy. Vitabella is here to support you, and they are doing a delicious job of it!

For more information visit

Disclaimer: I received samples of these products, but I was not paid to write this review. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that I, myself, use and love.


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