DF Mavens Dairy Free Ice Cream Review

DF Mavens is a dairy free ice cream that is made locally in Queens, New York. With a coconut, almond or soy base, their ice creams are vegan and certified gluten free.



You may notice an allergen statement on their label next to the gluten free symbol: “All products are made on equipment that also processes soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.”

I looked into this further. On their website, they explain their allergen/cross contamination procedure:

 “All DF Mavens products are gluten-free certified. In addition, we follow strict operating procedures to control allergen cross contamination, and run flavors according to allergen; all non-allergen flavors are produced first. At the end of production the equipment is cleaned and sanitized in a time temperature process.”

I also inquired with the company – Since all of your ice creams are gluten free, what does it share the equipment with? I received this response:

“We also produce Ice Cream, Gelato and Fruit Sorbet on the same equipment. The wheat is from the cookies used in our ice cream brand cookies and cream flavor. This cookie is not used in any of the DF Mavens Non-Dairy, Gluten free product line and does not touch any of the equipment we use to produce our Non-Dairy product. It is used in the production room we use for both our non-dairy and dairy production. I schedule product production from non-allergens to allergens. I also schedule Non-Dairy and Dairy production on separate days again to insure no cross-contamination. After production is complete, all our equipment is cleaned and sanitized to remove all product and allergen residue. Before starting any production we do an additional sanitation process. Once the sanitation process is complete we swab the equipment using two types of testing swabs. One is used to test for any microorganisms and the other is a gluten test. This is done prior to any product run on the equipment. After we produce any of our DF Mavens Non-Dairy products we run a Gluten test on the finished product to verify the product does not contain Gluten. This record is filed and sent quarterly, to our Gluten Free Certifying organization. We are also audited by that organization twice a year.”   

When a shared equipment/facility label is present, it is always up to the individual to determine their own comfort level. I normally stick with products with dedicated facilities/lines, but DF Mavens certified gluten free status combined with the above information made me feel confident enough to pick up two pints at the store.

I fell head over heels in love with the coconut milk-based Key Lime Creme flavor. Coconut milk-based ice cream is my favorite, and this flavor was cool and simply divine. The perfect summer treat. I accidentally ate all of it (#sorrynotsorry), so Kris was left to try the Mocha Almond Chip flavor, which he very much enjoyed and recommends.


I was easily able to find DF Mavens at Whole Foods and health food stores across NYC, but good news is that they ship their ice cream – what?! For more info visit http://www.dfmavens.com

Disclaimer: I received samples of these products, but I was not paid to write this review. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that I, myself, use and love.


2 thoughts on “DF Mavens Dairy Free Ice Cream Review

  1. It would seem that all that sanitising of equiptment wasn’t enough to stop DFMavens producing ice creams made with Cows milk. At least one person was made ill.


    As for recommending DFMavens, perhaps some consideration should be payed to the company ethics when it comes to their choice of ingredients . DFMavens unessessary use palm oil. This ingredient after dairy, is the single biggest driver of deforestation and animal extinction. In the world. Tigers, orangutangs, elephants, taipairs and many many other animals will soon be extinct due to companies like DFMavens choice to use if palm oil. As if deforestation and driving animals to extinction isn’t bad enough Palm oil is one of the biggest exploiters of child labour. Then there’s the heavy use of pesticides. Used without regulation, they pollute the rivers, air and lands around the plantations. Plantation workers rely on water from the poisoned rivers in which all the fish have died. Villagers suffer horrific illness, birth defects, cancers, deformation, and miscarriages as a result of exposure to pesticides.

    To make space for plantations valuable and rare peat lands and forests are bunt down. Last year the fires raged across Indonesia for months, the smoke travelling to cities across entire continents, and were one of the biggest contributors to climate change on recent years.

    Sure, DFMavens may taste nice, but is all this environmental destruction, animal extinction and exploitation really worth it?

    Please note that Palm Oil is an unessessary ingredient, it’s a cheap bulking agent, and friendly alternatives are available.

    Please, ask DFMavens to ditch Palm Oil. Until they do, check out other ethical companies whose truly dairy free ice creams are delicious and palm oil free too.


    • Thank you for that information. I did not know much about palm oil and will take that into consideration in the future. I do not work for DF Mavens, so I have no sway over what ingredients they use. I would recommend that you contact them directly in order to make your voice heard.


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