Bread SRSLY Review & Giveaway

I am on a search for the best gluten free sourdough bread on the market. While I had not tried sourdough in my pre-Celiac days, my boyfriend, Kristopher, is from the San Francisco area and is a die-hard fan, a sourdough expert and connoisseur. This makes him a highly qualified judge, and we hit the jackpot when we discovered Bread SRSLY, a San Francisco-based company.

IMG_5444While you can find sourdough across the country, there is something special about sourdough made in the Bay Area (I’ve been told that it has something to do with the yeast, water, and geographic location). Kristopher and I have found this to be true. Between their loaves, dinner rolls and sandwich rolls, Bread SRSLY is the best gluten free sourdough bread that we have tried yet!

How it all started – Sadie, the founder of Bread SRSLY, began experimenting with gluten free flours in order to impress a gluten free guy who she was smitten with. Oddly enough, a few months later she learned that she was gluten intolerant herself. She perfected her gluten free loaves and launched Bread SRSLY in 2011. Her company has quickly captured the attention, hearts, and taste buds of the Celiac community.


Having sampled several products, I can safely say that the sandwich rolls are my favorite – tangy taste and super soft texture (seriously, we need kick the “gluten free tastes like cardboard” myth to the curb – this bread is better than most wheat-filled breads). Kristopher also very much enjoyed the dinner rolls, commenting that they were the tangiest of the bunch.

Fun facts about Bread SRSLY:

  • 100% gluten free facility
  • Certified GF through the CSA (CSA certifications are only given to products that test below 5ppm)
  • Nut free facility
  • Allergen-friendly
  • Vegan
  • Made by hand
  • Non GMO
  • Gum-free options (the sandwich rolls contain psyllium husk instead of xanthan gum)

IMG_5446If you are in the San Francisco area you can find Bread SRSLY at various grocery stores and cafes. As for the rest of us, we can order them online! They offer $5 flat rate shipping – super budget friendly!

For more info and to order visit (affiliate link)

GIVEAWAY! One winner will receive a sample pack of Bread SRSLY sourdough including one classic loaf, 4 sandwich rolls, and 12 dinner rolls. Enter via the rafflecopter link below. US residents only. Giveaway ends midnight EST on Thursday June 16th.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer: I received samples of these products, but I was not paid to write this review. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that I, myself, use and love.

26 thoughts on “Bread SRSLY Review & Giveaway

  1. HATE that I’m just finding out about Tasty Meditations & Bread Srsly today ! Gotta get back to San Francisco pronto ! I worship sourdough and GF is a dream come true ! It’s been so long since I had bread and sourdough was just a dream UNTIL Bread Srsly ! Thank You !


  2. I havent had good sourdough bread in 20 years. I once spent a week trying to make it GF but it turned out like a rock! would love to try this!


  3. I am definitely a sourdough fan ever since I had my first sourdough sandwich about 10 years ago. I was hooked! I would love to win this because I cannot find any gluten-free sourdough in my city!


  4. Omg LOVE sourdough! I’m really missing a good bun for my burgers. I like lettuce wraps but sometimes I just want a chewy delicious bun.


  5. I love sourdough bread – especially with olive oil dipping sauce! Since I’ve been gluten-free I have not had any sourdough and miss it so much so I would love to win this.


  6. I personally LOVE sour dough bread, but as much as I love it, I love our young adult son, Jesse even more and if I am lucky enough to win this… I would be very excited to pay it forward to our son Jesse because of the fact it is made in a nut free and allergen free facility. He has fatal nut allergies and has suffered life-threatening angio edema and anaphylactic shock more than once even from microscopic cross contamination, so being able to enjoy something like this without worry is a real treat. Thank you for the chance!


  7. I do like it, I’ve tried it, but it still isn’t “sour” enough for me. Like I love that soury sour taste. But def the best I’ve tried without having to make my own.


  8. I think it’s lovely that a TASTY VEGAN bread is also gluten free!! I have said it before, and I will say it again, it’s refreshing to come across such new brands on your site!


  9. I love sourdough bread and I think it is awesome you can subscribe.These all look delicious! I love the adorable Bread SRSLY Socks!


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