What Does 20ppm Look Like?

“You can have just one bite of this pizza, can’t you?”

“You won’t get sick if we use the same serving spoon.”

“Come on, a crumb can’t get you sick. I’m sure that’s not true.”

We’ve all heard these phrases many times. And we’ve defended ourselves with the number 20ppm. The FDA requires that gluten free food contain less than 20ppm gluten, and many Celiacs cannot tolerate even that amount. But what is 20ppm and what does that look like?

Beyond Celiac has a handy “Getting Started Guide” that explains it pretty well, but I’m a visual person and wanted to go even further. So I made this little video – join me and see exactly how small 20ppm is!

“What is 20ppm?”


3 thoughts on “What Does 20ppm Look Like?

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