Gluten Free Holiday Travel Guide

Traveling while on a gluten free diet can make the holiday season incredibly stressful. What if I get stuck at the airport without any snacks? Will I find myself at endless parties overflowing with gluten-filled dishes? Will I end the New Year’s Eve party slumped over the bar because the only thing that was safe for me to consume all night was wine? As fun as that sounds, one cannot live on wine alone. I’ve found that the more you plan ahead, the better off and jollier your holidays will be. Here are some of the most helpful things you’d find in my suitcase:

Fruit/Nut/Protein Bars – One of the scariest things about the holidays is potentially getting stuck in transit without safe food. That is why half of my suitcase is filled with food every time I travel. Opt for great taste and nutrition! My favorites:

  • Oatmega – High in protein. Contains GF oats and grass fed whey
  • True Taste Bars – The main ingredients are dried plums and pea protein. If you are like me and your digestive tract is unhappy about sitting in a car/plane for hours, then True Taste Bars will be your best friend.









Other Snacks – All snacks below are nutritious, packed with protein, easy to travel with, and will help you feel satisfied.


GF Cookies – Trust me, when everyone is sitting around the fire munching on gingerbread men you will want your own. I bake mine myself, freeze them, pack them in my carry-on (and hope I don’t eat them all on the plane!), and stick them back in the freezer when I get to my destination. Why do I carry my cookies with me? If you aren’t familiar with the stores/brands at your holiday-time grocery store you won’t know what you’ll find. If you do decide to purchase cookies, I recommend:

  • Ginny Bakes – GF, organic, non-gmo, vegan, kosher, and delicious
  • Goodie Girl Cookies – Their “Mint Slims” taste like girl scout cookies! I also love their cinnamon raisin flavor.
  • Walker’s Shortbread – That’s right, the Walker’s Shortbread. Look for their certified gluten free variation!

Ginnybakes-Organic-Gluten-Free-Cookies-Chocolate-Chip-8584770023447oz Mint Front

Dark Chocolate – Again, you will most likely find yourself at some point in a room overflowing with gluten-filled desserts. A little allergen-friendly chocolate can go along way and take your mind off potentially dangerous treats. I recommend:

  • Brooklyn Dark
  • Pasha Chocolate
  • See’s Candy chocolate truffles

KLA_5716 Sees-Candy

Bread – Don’t get stuck with sub-par options while you’re traveling. Rather than carry loaves with you, I recommend that you ship your favorite breads directly to your destination!

  • Buddha Bread rolls – Delicious and cheesy. Put them in the freezer immediately and bake later – another great option for warm, freshly made bread.
  • IMG_8347
  • Meredith’s Bread – Fabulous freshly made rustic breads, quick breads, mini-pies, cookies and other treats.
  • IMG_3693
  • Canyon Bakehouse – Amazing everything bagels, and the Mountain White Bread makes the best French toast.
  • IMG_0769
  • Aleia’s – No bread, but you’ll want to order their savory stuffing mix for a turkey dinner.
  • IMG_3691

Toaster bags – protect your bread while using someone else’s toaster!

Parchment paper – One of the easiest ways to keep your gluten free meals clean. Great for lining baking/cookie trays.

Flexible cutting board – Sometimes we forget this prominent place where gluten often lurks. Flexible cutting boards are lightweight and easy to travel with.

Herbs and spices – Have you ever gone to your in-law’s house and reached into the pantry only to find unfamiliar spice brands? Of course no one will be at the call center on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve to tell you about their gluten free status. So be prepared and seal up a bunch of different herbs and spices in individual plastic bags. 

Gluten Free Labels – Will you be cooking in a shared kitchen over the holidays? Worried that someone is going to use your gluten free peanut butter on their whole wheat toast? Gluten Free Labels are a great (and very cute!) way to remind loved ones which foods are dedicated gluten free.

Multi-language restaurant/travels cards – If you are going to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language make sure you have the tools to communicate your needs effectively. Find these handy cards at

An extra tip from my friend Gluten Free Globetrotter – keep all medications in your carry-on bag, and bring a doctor’s note if you have any liquid medications.


Safe gluten free travels!


Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that I, myself, use and love.

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