Stamford GFFAFest Highlights – Part 2

So many wonderful companies were at the Stamford GFFAFest! Part 2 of my favorite booths:

Kiss Freely – A new gluten free makeup company. The founder’s daughter was diagnosed with several food allergies, and she soon realized how dangerous cosmetics and a simple kiss could be. Thus, Kiss Freely was born! Check out this list to see how allergen friendly they are!


Oatmega – Always a favorite of mine. If you can tolerate whey and gluten free oats, I highly recommend you try these. The flavors are incredible. My favorites include Chocolate Mint Chip (tastes like thin mint cookies!), White Chocolate Raspberry, and Chocolate Coconut Crisp. Low in sugar (only 5g) with 14g of protein! I’m hooked.


Aleia’s – My go-to company for stuffing and breadcrumbs. It was a nice treat to sample their cookies! Certified gluten free and non-GMO. I normally buy their savory stuffing mix in preparation for Thanksgiving, but this year I opted for plain so I could add my own herbs – look out for a new recipe from me!


Goodie Girl Cookies – Their Mint Slims taste like Girl Scout cookies! I had a dream last night that I crushed up a handful and mixed them into chocolate ice cream. So good. I also loved their oatmeal raisin cookies. Find them soon at Target and Walmart!

7oz Mint Front

Freedom Foods – Incredibly allergen friendly cereal and oat bars. They test for gluten and other allergens to the lowest possible levels. Read my full review of Freedom Foods and be sure to enter the giveaway! Ends Friday!

FFNAM_Carton Renders_All Round Goodness_Maple_Large Format

Saffron Road Chickpeas – A fabulous travel snack, these chickpeas come in a variety of yummy flavors. And their company is expanding! I’m excited to try their Harissa Simmer Sauce on some chicken and veggies.


Spiked Seltzer – Seltzer + alcohol = a fun time at the expo! With 6% alcohol and very little sugar, these fizzy drinks are a great alternative to cider and beer. Spiked Seltzer is a non-malt beer – they naturally ferment sugar and cold press fruit, so it is all gluten free. Flavors include lime, orange, cranberry, and grapefruit.


Boar’s Head – Here’s all you need to know – All of Boar’s Head meats, cheeses, spreads, and condiments are gluten free. And they are delicious.


Pascha Chocolate – So delicious and allergen friendly! They make mini bars and chocolate chips of varying cocoa percentages. Even their darkest cocoa was smooth and sweet with no lingering, chalky or overly-bitter aftertaste. I could eat their chocolate all day.


True Taste Bars – One of my favorite bars. They are made from very simple ingredients, the main components being dried plums and pea protein. Very clean, tasty and easy to digest.


I’m so sad the expo is over, but I look forward to attending next year – the gluten free market is expanding in a very exciting way! 

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. I received free samples at the expo. All opinions are my own, and I only recommend products that I, myself, use and love.

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