NYC Gluten Free Oktoberfest

Have you ever felt left out of (or completely avoided) large parties? There are many food-related events that I would love to attend if only they were gluten free. Well, feel denied no longer because next week is the first annual NYC Gluten Free Oktoberfest! Featuring a full menu of gluten free foods and over 45 selections of gluten free beer/cider, this will most definitely be an event to remember. You will have a chance to talk with cider makers and brand ambassadors while also mingling with fellow gluten free eaters. 

Oktoberfest 1

The Gluten Free Oktoberfest was founded by Jeffery Reiss, founder/owner of Pie By The Pound, a pizza shop in NYC that specializes in gluten free pizza, beer/cider, sandwiches, and desserts.

There are still a few tickets left to this awesome event, so snag them while you can! Also, by using the code “VipDiscount” you will receive 10% off the ticket price. For tickets and more information visit:

See you there!


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