GFAF Expo Favorites – Part 2

Continuing with the GFAF love fest! More favorite companies (in no particular order):


Freedom Foods – I am in love with this company. They are from Australia and make various cereals and granola bars. But here is what is truly special about them – they rigorously test for gluten, nuts, peanuts, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, and GMOs. They are at an allergen free site, and all allergen testing is independently validated. They are certified by the Canadian Celiac Society, are endorsed by the NFCA, and test for gluten at 3ppm! I am beyond thrilled to spread the word about their products. A cereal company that is doing it right! Thank you!!! Look out for their Fruity Rainbow Rocks – kids will love them. Let’s encourage a wonderful company like this to continue growing!


Oatmega – One of my new favorite bars to eat on the go. If you tolerate gluten free oats and whey (grass fed) you should definitely give them a shot. Tons of yummy flavors including Chocolate Mint Chip (tastes like thin mint cookies!), White Chocolate Raspberry, and Chocolate Coconut Crisp. Low in sugar (only 5g) with 14g of protein! I’m hooked.


True Taste Bars – Gluten free, non GMO, non dairy, vegan. Let me list the ingredients on the Cinnamon Roll Bar – organic dried plums, organic pea protein, organic cinnamon, less than 2% salt. That’s it! Beautifully simple. Between the dried plums and pea protein, this bar is going to make my digestive system very happy.


Pure Genius – I love new companies! Pure Genius is doing something very different in that they are making their brownies and blondies from beans. And no, they do not taste like beans. They taste like brownies. Packed with protein and fiber and made in an allergen-free facility. Nut free, soy free, non GMO and soon-to-be Kosher certified. Great for kids and adults.


Metropolitan Gourmet – Another new company! They were featuring breadcrumbs and croutons at the expo but also sell pizza mix, biscotti, and stuffing mix (I’ll see you for Thanksgiving, Metropolitan Gourmet!). They have an allergen free facility and are free of corn, dairy, sesame seeds, tree nuts, soy, potato, gluten, and yeast. They are lab tested, certified kosher, and non GMO.


Wholly Wholesome – Delicious, chocolatey brownies. Their bake house is gluten free, dairy free, casein free, peanut free, tree nut free, and sesame seed free. The brownies are also soy free.


Aleia’s – I’ve used their breadcrumbs and stuffing mix for years. The founder of the company has a gluten intolerance and strives to make high quality products that just happen to be gluten free. Certified gluten free and non-GMO.


Super Seedz – I love pumpkin seeds! Such a delicious and healthy snack. After sampling nearly all of Super Seedz’s flavors, Sea Salt and Maple Sugar &Sea Salt were definitely my favorites.


Enlightened – “Beyond Better Foods”. These little crisps made from broad beans are transforming the way we snack. Perfectly crunchy, they are packed with protein and fiber and come in several flavors including sea salt, sriracha, and mesquite BBQ. This company also makes an ice cream that I am looking forward to trying.


Massel – a big thank you for being a quality expo sponsor (and no, I’m not just writing this because they were a sponsor – you cannot buy my love). They make delicious, healthy stocks and bouillon cubes that are all natural, gluten free, GMO-free and vegan – yes even the chicken and beef flavors are vegan. They also have products that are free of onion and garlic. I find myself meeting more and more people who are sensitive to onion and garlic, so I am excited to see Massel’s attention to the community’s needs.

Well, that’s it! My favorite booths….can we have another expo tomorrow?


One thought on “GFAF Expo Favorites – Part 2

  1. Freedom Foods for the win! They have been around since I was first diagnosed coeliac way back in 2001! We chatted to the stall manager at the GFAF Expo because we heard an Australian accent – it is great to see the starting in on the American market!


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