The Nima Sensor – A Game Changer

(Update – I personally no longer support use of the Nima Sensor. I purchased a Nima Sensor and do not use it. Click HERE and HERE for two detailed posts about my opinions and concerns)


Get ready, because the Nima Sensor is going to be a game changer in the gluten free community.

The Nima Sensor from 6Sensor Labs is a portable sensor that can detect trace amounts of gluten down to 20ppm. Last week I was invited to an intimate demo/Q&A session hosted by the team behind Nima. I first learned that pretty much everyone involved with Nima has some sort of food intolerance, so they know firsthand what it’s like to live with a restricted diet. Because of this a gluten sensor is only the beginning. Someday there will hopefully be sensors for various other food intolerances. It is a product designed to place the power back in the hands of the consumer so we can truly know what is going into our bodies and feel safer about our food choices.


How it works – place a small piece of food into one of the disposable capsules and turn the top to close it (this grinds the sample for analysis). Place the capsule into the sensor and wait two minutes while Nima does its magic. It will give you one of two responses – a happy face (gluten free/under 20ppm) or a sad face (not gluten free/over 20ppm). It’s that simple.

6 Sensor Labs is striving for full transparency. They want to be a part of the community, which is why they invited two dozen bloggers to meet with them in the first place. They were very receptive to our questions, concerns, opinions, excitement – which I very much respect.

 One of my concerns was how both the consumer and restaurant would respond if a dish were to test above 20ppm. The Nima team discussed educational components on how to have a discussion with the restaurant staff if a dish tests positive (there is already a great tip for that in their website’s FAQ section). They also don’t want Nima to be a surprise to restaurants. They’re working on how they can let restaurants know that this technology is coming out and what it means for them.  

Now, with great power comes great responsibility. It’s important to remember that this tool is not meant for our community to go on a gluten witch-hunt. Screaming at or attempting to sue restaurant owners does not help our cause. We need to help the people who are trying to help us. So hopefully when a dish does come up positive, we can politely approach the situation, and in turn hopefully the restaurant staff will approach it as a learning experience on how they can do better. 

Back to the facts – It is rechargeable via USB port, and you will be able to share test results with the community in an app. They have not released a price yet, but I do know that the sensor will come with a few disposable capsules, and additional capsules will be available for purchase in packs of twelve. They are still working on manufacturing components, and the final product should be ready for the market in Spring 2016.


I am personally very excited for this product and believe it will revolutionize the way we eat. Hopefully it brings us more peace of mind and reduces the number of times we get sick. I will definitely keep you updated as I learn more.

To find out more information and get on their waiting list visit  

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