Happy Celiac Awareness Month and Bistango at the Kimberly Hotel

Happy Celiac Awareness Month!

All throughout the month of May I’ll be posting quick facts, informative articles and pretty food pictures on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to help spread Celiac awareness – with the popularity of the fad diet almost everyone in the country has heard the phrase “gluten free”, but Celiac Disease is an entirely different story. So please head over to my social media pages and join me in circulating correct information and GF positivity!

Also, stay tuned for some truly awesome giveaways, interviews, and fun events! Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

To kick off the month – a visit to Bistango at the Kimberly Hotel!

Kristopher and I finally took a trip to Bistango’s second location at the Kimberly Hotel on 50th St. When we walked in we both said, “Oh my goodness, this is SOOOO fancy!” The decor of just the entryway was absolutely stunning, and so was the restaurant itself  – the color scheme, the chairs (especially the chairs – can I take a few home for my dining room?), the wine racks – all beautiful. We arrived early for brunch on a Sunday and practically had the entire place to ourselves.

On our menu:


French toast with tart cherry compote, pecans, and honey sheep’s milk yogurt

Flatbread pizza with homemade sausage and spicy peppers

Chocolate tiramisu

My thoughts:


Mimosa are yummy and make me look super sophisticated. The pearls were a good choice.


I was concerned when my flatbread came out on a wooden board (wood is a material that harbors gluten and is a major cross contamination problem), but the waitress assured me that ALL of their pizzas were gluten free. Yup. They know what they’re doing. I happily munched away at my pizza. Not exactly a breakfast food, but it was definitely a dish I wanted to try. Very yummy and spicy. I’m so glad we live in an age where gluten free pizza crusts actually taste like pizza crusts! Gone is the old stigma that the gluten intolerant are left to sadly munch away at cardboard.


The French Toast was the highlight of the meal. It was an absolutely gorgeous dish. “I really love the yogurt!” I said as I reached to Kris’s plate for another bite. “I can see that,” he replied (sorry I ate your food, Kris #sorrynotsorry). It tasted more like a rich cream and made the dish very different than any other French toast I’d ever had.


Now how pretty is this dessert? The coffee flavor was very very subtle, and the cake was light. It was good, but I have to say that I prefer the desserts at the original Bistango.

Overall, absolutely beautiful dining experience. I’m looking forward to going back for more mimosas and French toast!

Happy eating!



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